Funeral Home


Brendan Ennis Funeral Directors can help you take some of the anxiety out of organising a funeral by providing the use of our funeral home to host a wake/viewing. As part of our complete funeral service, we have a cross-community, non-denominational funeral home where we welcome the bereaved to hold religious or civil services, with your own celebrants, should you wish. With many families now choosing not to go to a church for evening reception prayers, our funeral home is very suitable for a gathering of family and friends with or without prayers, which gives people time to meet and greet with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. The full use of the kitchen and family room is available when utilising our funeral home.


Our service room is suitable for services for all religious and non-religious funerals. Our funeral home’s versatility allows for a broad array of multimedia resources for your loved one’s funeral. We have the ability to play your favorite music, watch memorial videos and slideshows, and we can decorate our facility in a way that displays the accomplishments, hobbies, and legacy of your loved one.

Families may also request catering/light refreshments to be prepared and served within the funeral home. If preferred, you can organise this service for visitors within your own network of family and friends.

How you can use our funeral home:

  • Host a gathering in private for close family members and friends – “a private wake”
  • Host a gathering where members of the public can come to pay their respects (sometimes known as “the public wake”)
  • Use it as a resting place until you bring your loved one home or until a funeral mass/ service takes place
  • You may also request catering/light refreshments to be served within the funeral home.

A one-off fee is charged for the use of the funeral home which includes the full use of the kitchen, family room, and off-street parking for the duration of the funeral. For Funeral Home hire, please Contact Us

Other Funeral Home Facilities Include

Tea and coffee making facilities

Access to catering ​

Family and privacy rooms ​

Ramp access​

Public Address system

Coffin Showroom

Toilet facilities

Free access to Wi-Fi

Technology within our funeral home Here at Brendan Ennis Funeral Directors, we are embracing technology more and more in our funeral home. We now offer families full use of our Wi-Fi and funeral webcasting services, incorporating different ways to make funeral services more meaningful to families and make you feel comfortable in these surroundings.

Dual Location Wake – Family Home and Funeral Home Many families would prefer to invite friends and family to visit them and their loved one in the family home but for many reasons, this may not be possible. We offer the opportunity to combine the use of a family home and our funeral home in these circumstances. In this scenario, the funeral home would be used for a public gathering for extended relatives and friends over a specified period of time. The deceased may rest in the privacy of a family home before and after the use of our funeral home where the immediate family has more time and privacy to come to terms with your loss.